‘Asad’s most astounding achievement
 is boasting an array of brilliant
performances by a cast of Somali 
refugees. Congratulations to
Bryan Buckley and his amazing cast’


Adding value to your films,
because we value your films

What you can expect

Support through every stage of the process


Clients are kept up to date with cast fees and usages so that budgets are accurate and competitive

Online talent searches

Links to showcase available talent can be shared with clients to assist in the bidding process


Access to South Africa’s largest casting data-base allows a fast and efficient briefing process, allowing quick turn-around times and ensuring the right talent are invited to audition


Thorough research is done and cast are hand-picked to attend auditions. Everyone who is put forward is considered to have a fair chance of landing the role

High technical standards

Crisp kino flo lighting, good acoustics and top-of-the-range HD cameras ensure beautiful, professional material


Photo and video presentations with good compression ratios ensure easy downloads and quality viewing

About Us

As a young graduate in the 80’s Jeanne spent 7 years in the editing room, learning invaluable film-making skills from award-winning talents like director Darryl Roodt and editor Max Lemmon.

During a 2 year stint in Amsterdam Jeanne freelanced as a Dutch/English translator for Vrije Universiteit. Returning to Cape Town in the early 90’s she briefly worked as a casting director, casting some popular and long-running commercials. She completed an Ogilvy Mather copy test which resulted in job offers from top advertising agencies. Jeanne decided against a career in advertising, becoming instead a Film and TV Line Producer.

A four year sabbatical in the Irish countryside saw Jeanne supplementing her income with feature stories characterised by her tongue-in-cheek humour, for one of Ireland’s largest circulation national newspapers, the Evening Herald.

In 2005 Jeanne opened Casting Cape Town, employing a team of talented and creative individuals who share her passion for excellence.

Meet the team


Jeanne Wegner

BA Eng Lit

Euvrard Loubser

IMM Dip Advertising

Shalini Tewari

BA Photo-journalism


Walter Mzengi

AFDA film school




Uncle Morris

Neill Blomkamp (dir: Oscar nominated District 9)



Old Favourites

Douglas Green / David Gillard, Velocity

Chaussea / Thomas Tyman, Egg

Spur / Sarel Esterhuizen, Wishbones

Hitachi / Jonathan Bensimon, The Network

Coke / Bryan Buckley, Egg

Asad / Bryan Buckley, The Asylum




Audition Tips for Actors

  • Identify the range of characters you can and want to play. Let your agent know what these are so that you don’t get sent to castings that are not suitable for you.
  • Style to brief. This makes your audition more authentic.
  • Read the script and be prepared.
  • See the casting director as your best friend. Each actor presents the casting director with an opportunity to get an amazing performance; they want you to nail it as much as you do.
  • The successful audition is a combination of many factors that sometimes go beyond your skill as an actor. Don’t get despondent if you don’t land it this time.

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